Websecure Enterprise

Securicom WebSecure Enterprise

Full spectrum web security and traffic interrogation

Securicom WebSecure Enterprise is an advanced, agile and highly-customisable plug-and-play Web Security Service that delivers UnifiedThreat Management (UTM) functionality.

It ensures complete control over users' access to internet resources and protects the company network against browser-based threats such as bots, phishing, and other malicious active content.

It is built on world-leading technologies from trusted partners, combining  firewall, anti-virus and anti-spyware protection with new generation features like dynamic URL classifications, application control, data loss prevention and authentication in a unified solution.

Securicom WebSecure Enterprise:

  • Encompasses all the features of WebSecure Lite
  • Provides thorough interrogation of all inbound and outbound web traffic
  • Protects against existing, new and emerging browser-based threats
  • Offers traditional whitelists and blacklists
  • Allows for the decryption of SSL traffic to detect and block hidden malicious content, outgoing sensitive information or data leaks
  • Includes capabilities for managing Web 2.0 access rather than simply blocking or restricting access
  • Covers all access and entry points (gateways) including mobile devices
  • Detects and blocks peer-to-peer traffic (P2P) which has the potential to consume large amounts of bandwidth and create security and liability risks
  • Enriches the end user experience 

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