Securicom SMS Services

Direct, targetted mobile communication

Securicom delivers flexible bulk messaging solutions that empower companies to harness the convenience, cost-effectiveness, efficiency and immediacy of direct communication channels such as email, SMS, MMS and voice.

Our sophisticated web-based SMS Platform has been implemented locally over seven years, supports a variety of mobile requirements, and is easily-customisable to individual business needs.

The Securicom SMS Platform enables:

  • The creation of new bulk SMS and MMS messages
  • Inboxes for received SMS
  • SMS scheduling
  • The creation and storage of SMS templates
  • Contact list imports / export and group sharing
  • WAP Push SMS
  • Bulk MMS
  • 2-way SMS
  • Email to SMS / SMS to Email
  • Delivery of international SMS
  • 2nd Level authentication and integration with web services for optimised security
  • Advanced end user reporting

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