Mobile Push Email

Securicom Push Email

Turns any phone into a smartphone

Securicom Push Email services use robust technologies from Memova to turn any mobile handset into a smartphone, with the ability to send and receive emails.

The solution is innovatively packaged and delivered by Securicom as a managed service to forward-thinking mobile service providers and corporate entities to sell onto subscribers as a value-added service.

Securicom Push Email:

  • Aggregates and integrates emails and messages from multiple mailboxes and pushes them to a single mail box on the handset
  • Supports MMS, SMS, WAP, P-IMAP, POP3, IMAP4, FLASH notification, and OMA-EMN
  • Puts phone users in full control of their mobile email
  • Allows users to send, receive and open email attachments on their phones


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Mobile Push Email

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